Young Swedish Footballer Reverted to Islam Despite Facing Hate

A 20 years old footballer of Sweden’s Uppsala Women’s Football team has reverted to Islam.

The goalkeeper of team, Ronja Andersson took her Shahadah and made a public announcement about her reversion to Islam.

According to Ronja, Islam was introduced to her by one of her friends when she was 15 years old. She instantly developed a positive feeling towards it. Moreover, she went to Turkey where she explored Islam in fullest and was mesmerized by the beauty of Islamic life.

She got very much impressed by the ‘Adhan’ (Islamic call to paryer). She immediately started learning more about Islam.

“I discovered that there were so many nice things that attracted me. I then began to attend religious events and went to the mosque” said Rojana in an interview.

In the interview given to Swedish newspaper, Expressen she expressed her devotion to Islam saying she is proud to be a Muslim despite the hate she received from certain people: “They are full of prejudice against me…I was aso exposed to hatred.”

It is to be noted that her decision to become Muslim has faced huge criticism from people her including her family. She even got a letter full of threats and hatred. But, she didn’t step back and went on with her devotion towards her new faith.

According to her Islam is a beautiful religion and she never fails to complete her religious duty. She prays on time and fasts in the holy month of Ramadan.

The strong will and determination of this young revert brought down her critics on their knee. In a recent episode of a TV show, the man who sent threatening letter to her apologized to her and admitted his guilt.

Islam is on constant rise in Europe and Sweden is no exception, according to a consensus, there are around 500,000 Muslims in Sweden and are increasing continuously.

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