Young Muslim Woman Shot Dead in England during Ramadan

A shocking incident happened at Blackburn, Lancashire, England where a killer shot dead a 19-year-old young Muslimah outside a grocery store. The drive by shooting happened in a broad daylight on Sunday.

Aya Hachem, a Lebanese-British girl was at the grocery store buying grocery when a man in a light-colored Toyota Avensis possibly metallic green shot her to death. She was taken to the hospital but she died there.

The wretched killer escaped the scene immediately. The Police has started taking action into this matter. Detective Chief Inspector Jonathan Holmes, of the Force Major Investigation Team, said: “This is a truly shocking and senseless killing, which has robbed a young woman of her life.

Police is vigorously looking for the killer and seeking help from the local public. Inspector Holmes further asked the people of Blackburn to come out and co-operate in this murder case as he is sure that someone has definitely seen the killer escaping.

The car matching the description of the killer’s car have been found from Wellington Road and the Police are investigating the matter.

This is not the first attack on Muslims in England. Several attacks have been reported in England where Muslims victims were either killed or mortally wounded. This incident also looks like an Islamphobic attack where a Supremacist must have shot her out of fun or hate. However, the investigation is going on and Police is likely to arrest the killer soon.

We at Mvslimfeed offer our deep condolences to the family of deceased and ask Allah to grant her highest place in Jannah.

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4 thoughts on “Young Muslim Woman Shot Dead in England during Ramadan”

  1. That’s sad.. The authority in charge should take proper action. To avoid subsequent occurrence of such inhumane act.

    1. Yes. And as a result of this, they have taken strict action and the culprit is behind the Bar now.

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