Turkish President Erdogan Reciting Qur’an with Pure Simplicity during Ramadan, Video went Viral on Internet

Turkish President Recep Tyep Erdogan who is quite famous among Muslims for his devotion to Islam and his austere lifestyle has again made internet go crazy behind him.

A video is going viral over internet with a caption ‘identify who?’ Where a man can be seen reciting Qur’an while sitting on a simple chair with desk.

At a glance he looks like some normal person but when seen carefully he comes out to be a great Muslim leader- Recep Tyep Erdogan. He was reciting Qur’an in his Presidential Office, the same office which issued several edicts to curb Islam in Turkey a century ago.

Erdogan has built his image as a Allah-fearing, just Muslim ruler who wants to bring back the glory of Islam in Turkey and unite the divided Muslim population under one banner.

This isn’t the first time when he recited Qur’an at public place, earlier he recited Qur’an at the Cambridge Mosque, London and at several other places.

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