Terrorist attacked Afghan Masjid and killed Muslims while they were breaking fast

The whole world is under lockdown because of Coronavirus. We are under quarantined and a great panic is everywhere. It’s a good time to stand with each other and fight with the dreadly pandemic.

But Unfortunately, people are busy in attacking and killing each other. Last day we published the story of a Young Muslim Woman being killed in Blackburn in England.

Now the recent attack on a Masjid in Afghanistan is trending over social media. A bunch of Gunmen opened fire in a Masjid in central Afghanistan killing eight Muslims  while they were breaking their Ramadan fast and wounding five others, officials said.

“Unknown gunmen fired on people praying inside a Masjid during iftar time,” said Wahida Shahkar, spokeswoman for the governor of Parwan province, referring to the meal eaten to break daytime fasting during the Islamic Holy month.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed the attack in Parwan’s provincial capital Charekar, blaming it on the insurgent Taliban. The Taliban denied responsibility and said Afghan security forces were to blame.

Ramadan is a month of peace and blessings and still Muslims are killing Muslims in Afghanistan. It’s sad to even imagine. Further, what are the mistakes of people inside Masjid waiting to eat Iftar ? Why they are being killed ? If there is any problem, solve it with the Government.

It’s always bad idea to target poor civilians. Everyday such kind of News are coming from Afghanistan.  We have seen Maternity Home attack before some days.

They killed New born infants, mothers and nurses. My question is simple, “Why this in the name of Islam?”  Islam never taught us to kill innocent.

Enough is Enough. No religion promotes violence and killing of innocent children. How can these terrorists use Islam as a means of justifying their terror acts? Islam is a religion of mercy and peace. Killing has no place except killing in retaliation.

And it’s also worth noting that, they are killing only civilians because they are easy prey.  A normal people has nothing to do with politics. They earn and survived. Its a simple concept.  These terrorists haven’t only killed 8 people but they have destroyed 8 families.

Our condolences with the family of people being martyred in attack. And We ask Allah to grant them highest place in Paradise.

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