Singaporean Father Allowed His Daughter to Become Muslim Happily

Converting from one religion to another always remained a sensitive topic in modern age. Islam which is no doubt a true religion always attracted people towards itself.

But the one who entered into Islam had to leave his/her family and parents. Except a few examples where whole family converted to Islam, most reverts have to face this in their life.

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This is the story of a young Singaporean girl who converted to Islam and was accepted by her father and family happily.

Singaporean-Chinese woman Li Jinghan who converted to Islam shared a heart-warming story on her Facebook where she described how her father supported her religious conversion but also happily accepted it.

In the post she described the conversation between her father and a Malay man, where her father revealed the reason why he allowed his daughter to convert to Islam.

She wrote,

“Last week, my father asked if I could get him something from Carousell. I got him a deal and passed him the address for pick-up.

When he reached, the seller (a Malay Uncle) was confused because he was expecting a Malay.

“Huh? You Chinese? I thought you Malay!”

“No la, that one my daughter.”

“But your daughter wear tudung. You Chinese Muslim ah?”

“My daughter Chinese Muslim. She convert to Muslim.” (He still confuses Muslim and Islam 😂)

“Waaa! Then you let her convert? Never stop her?”

“Never la, I support!”

“Waaa, you so good ah, why you support?”

My father was so tickled when he related the conversation to me. He asked me, “Why is everyone so shocked when they know I let you convert?”

“Cos you very rare la! Most parents don’t let mah. Actually pa, why did you let me convert?”

“Because I understand life.

Because I understand the pursuit of happiness.

What’s the purpose of life? To seek happiness.

Different people find happiness in different things. Some in wealth, some in family, some in religion…

As parents, what do we want most? For our children to be happy.

Every religion teaches good.

If you were to tell me that this religion makes you happy, why should I stop you?” 🌼

Sometimes I feel that my father is so simple. Yet, so profound.

A lot of what he says is almost common sense; it doesn’t take a lot for anyone to come up with what he said. In fact, many would claim to hold the same beliefs!

But what I think makes my father different is how he actually truly means what he says.

If he thinks that simply, he acts simply. When push comes to shove, he does exactly what he says.

He doesn’t struggle with what society thinks, what our relatives would think, how it would mean I can’t eat his favourite BBQ with him anymore… His sole concern was really just my happiness.

Maybe that’s the reason why I always feel so much weight in his words. Because he actually means what he says.

Maybe part of wisdom is that. Being a man of your words.”


Lee Soon Koon, the Singaporean-Chinese father of a Muslim understood the gist of life and followed a simple word i.e., happiness. He wants to see her daughter happy at the end.

Li added: “He doesn’t struggle with what society thinks, what our relatives would think, how it would mean I can’t eat his favourite BBQ with him anymore… His sole concern was really just my happiness.”

Her post went viral over the internet and grabbed huge attention from Muslims and non-Muslims alike and people appreciated her father’s positive attitude towards love and tolerance.

The 29-year-old now goes by the name of Nur Jihan Li and lives happily with her family in Singapore.

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