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Famous Muslim Cricketer Shahid Afridi Tested Positive for Coronavirus; Asked Fans to Make Dua for Him

Famous Pakistani Muslim cricketer Shahid Afridi has tested positive for Coronavirus. He made the announcement on twitter on Saturday.

He has become the first high profile sportsman to get infected from the deadly Coronavirus.

He wrote on twitter, “I’ve been feeling unwell since Thursday; my body had been aching badly. I’ve been tested and unfortunately, I’m covid positive. Need prayers for a speedy recovery, InshaAllah”.

Afridi was one of the top cricketers in the world before he retired in 2017. As it is visible in the tweet that he has been feeling unwell since last two days; the news comes as a shock for his fans spread all over the world. But few Indians bigot are spreading hate comments on his health and wishing him to die.

Fans are praying for his quick recovery as the sportsman has not made it big only on fields but also in real life. He has a charity organisation through which he has been helping poor Muslims of Pakistan.

He is also contributing largely to eradicate Covid-19 from Pakistan through all of his resources. Afridi is also a strong Muslim voice and always supports Muslim causes across the world.

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Pakistan is suffering a major blow from Coronavirus and has reported around 132,000 cases out of which 2,551 people have lost the battle of life and 50,000 people have recovered from it; rest of the people are still waiting to be cured and regain health.

Afridi has asked his fans to pray for him and his quick recovery. Fans and ex teammates all over the world are showing their sympathy and also praying for him.

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