Saudi Arabian Old Man Wrote Entire Qur’an on 6 Eggs

A 70-year-old Saudi Arabian man wrote entire  Qur’an on 6 eggs in a very beautiful calligraphy. Affection towards Qur’an, Kaaba and Madina is a common trait of Muslims.

Many Muslims show their love and affection in different way but there are few who go a step beyond and charter the unchartered terrain.

This is the story of an old man from Saudi Arabia who dedicated his time and energy towards writing Qur’an on eggs. It may sound strange but love and affection knows no logic.

He found writing Qur’an on eggs as the most suitable way to express his love. His name is Ahmed Abdan and he dedicated his whole life in doing Arabic calligraphy.

Abdan not only copied the Qur’an on eggs but also memorised it throughout the process. Abdan is the first person to do it despite his old age. His high skills are widely praised.

Ahmed Abdan used to stand while writing Qur’an on small eggs. To read this Qur’an you have to use magnifying glass as the letters and words are too small to read through naked eyes.

Abdan is getting praises from all the over world for his extraordinary geniuses. May Allah give him longlife. Earlier an Indonesian man wrote entire Qur’an on wood and put it on exhibited for public.

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