Saudi Arabia Will Re-Open Masjid an-Nabawi for Public on 31st May

After a long break of 2 months, the second holiest site of Islam is all set re-open on 31st May. The Saudi Administration has decided to open it for the public visit and prayers.

It was closed along with Masjid Al-Haram two months ago to curb the outspread of Covid-19 which has claimed 350,000 lives all over the world.

Since these two sites are the holiest places in Islam and the total visit paid by Muslims are very high; they were closed by the authorities so that no big casualties may happen.

Now, the authorities have decided to re-open the mosque for public as it has been long since the devotees haven’t arrived and prayed but under several restrictions and social distancing.

People have to undergo thorough sanitization process and would have to maintain social distancing. However, like other places of the world the Kingdom is facing daily increase in patients.

Umrah will remain banned till further notice while as the month of Hajj is approaching, the authorities have to take decision regarding it. It is to bear in mind that the Kingdom has advised Muslims not to plan avidly for Hajj.

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