Saudi Arabia to Hold Hajj With a ‘Very Limited’ number of Pilgrims Due to Coronavirus

Finally, the most awaited news for the Muslims is here. Saudi Arabia has announced that the number of people attending this Hajj will be very limited.

This decision will allow only those pilgrims who are living inside the boundary of Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

“It was decided to hold the pilgrimage this year with very limited numbers … with different nationalities in the kingdom,” the official Saudi Press Agency said on Monday, citing the Hajj ministry.

The decision was taken due to the ongoing threat from the coronavirus pandemic and to preserve “global public health,” the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said.

Under this decision, people of all the nationalities residing in the KSA will be allowed to perform Hajj.

The Hajj which is to commence in the last weeks of July is one of the largest human gatherings and Muslims of every nationality and ethnicity gathers here to remember Allah.

Since the coronavirus pandemic is a communicable disease; human gathering will invite massive casualties.

Saudi Arabia is already suffering from a huge coronavirus outbreak with around 161,000 confirmed cases and 1,307 deaths.

Since late February, the kingdom has suspended the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca due to the outbreak.

Earlier countries like India, Indonesia who have the biggest Muslim population in this world have canceled this year’s Hajj and forbade people to take this religious journey.

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and an obligatory duty upon every able-bodied Muslim. Muslims are supposed to make Hajj at least once in their life.

Coronavirus is in its worst form with almost 475,000 global deaths and around 9.2 million cases out of which 4.9 million people recovered while leaving the remaining people as infected and fighting for life.

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