Saudi Arabia Imposed Curfew on Eid Holidays, Stay Home or Pay SAR 10,000 Fine

Coronavirus has changed the course of action of this world. Every unexpected thing has become common for us. The two holy mosques were closed. We saw the empty pictures of Kaaba, for the first time in our lives.

We saw people dying because of an invisible virus. We have to give up going mosques, we haven’t prayed Jummah in congregation for more than two months now. We spent our whole Ramadan locked at home. Now, we are unable to pray the Eid prayer.

The importance of Eid in the life of a Muslim can’t be described in words and yet no one can buy anything for Eid; no shopping, no prayers, no sweets nothing.

Saudi Arabia in its recent order imposed curfew on Eid holidays starting from 23 May to 27 May. As the infection spiked in the Muslim land, the authorities have imposed curfew for 24 hours with zero relaxations. Earlier it has given relaxations but all those relaxations are revoked in the wake of spreading virus.

Eid is the most important festival of Saudi Arabia and it is more likely that people will catch virus if they will celebrate it in their usual way. Although shops and other basic necessities services are opened, there are certain prohibitions on them too.

In the gulf region, Saudi Arabia is badly suffering from Covid-19 compared to other states. While the holy city of Mecca has reported most cases in Saudi Arabia compared to other places.

The Kingdom has yet to take decisions for Hajj which will take place in July where a huge Muslim gathering will take place. People from all over the world come for Hajj every year to fulfill their religious obligations. People are advised by the authorities not to make excessive plans but have left the question unanswered.

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