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Who Are We?

We are MvslimFeed and your experience here best describes us.

What Data We Collect

We collect a few data from our visitors and those data are best known in the eyes of those audience. We don’t share any of the data with any third party except Google Analytics which is secure and encrypted by Google.


Comment dropped by viewers gives us a few data such as IP address, browser name and email I’D. Viewers drop the comments by their own wish. We welcome the comments but don’t force it on anyone. However we don’t use these data in any form except to reply the comment.

The Profile Picture & Comment appears on website once the comment is approved by the website administration.

Subscribe Plug In

We use a Subscribe Plug in which appears on our website each time a visitor visits it. The sole purpose of this E mail plug in is to provide curated Islamic content directly into the inbox of the subscribers via email.

The data provided by the subscribers are highly confidential with us. The data includes email id, IP address, country & region and browser information. We use a plug in to get the subscribers.

Read Their Privacy Policy

The Subscribers under their discretion, and wish subscribes us.

Data Collected by Embedded Websites

We often use embedded links on our website to provide source or reference in form of articles, images, videos etc. Visiting those links are similar to visiting those websites and our privacy policy ends there. We are not responsible for their data mining, cookies policy, tracking or any other operations carried out by them. However, We don’t embed any fraud or illegal links on our website. But we are not responsible for their operations when the visitors visit the link.


We use Google Analytics to track the pages you’re visiting on our website and your geographical location so that we may become aware of your taste & preferences and create content on that basis. We don’t sell or transfer your data to any third party and we uses “Google Analytics” to collect your data. These data are solely used to enhance our user experience and to provide them best satisfying contents.

How Longer We Keep Your Data

All your data through different medium are with us as long as you wish. The data storing duration may vary from few days to years depending on what medium you chose to share with us. Data gathered through Comments may and may not be deleted. While data gathered through plug ins are kept with us for a longer duration.

Data Protection

We in our best knowledge are most concerned of your data security. We don’t use cookies and we don’t share your data with any unauthorized third- party. We have strict security measures to safeguard your data from being stolen.

Third Party

We use “Google Analytics” as a third party along with a plugin named Sumo Share, also mentioned above. We prefer Google’s services as best for our and user’s experience. We further may use “Google Adsense” for our website. These are our trusted third party and they have strict privacy policies.

We do not sell and trade information collected with any of the third parties. Only Google Analytics has all the information, which is an authentic and encrypted source.

Your Rights On Data

If you have signed in on our website or has left any comment on website, You can ask us to remove or export them to you. You can also request us to delete your data. Under few legal, safety and administrative exceptions we would be happy to help you erase your data.

Why Do We Gather Data

From beginning onwards it is our motto to provide best experience to our user. It is possible only under the co-operation of our users. Whatever data we collect we do it to provide you best of the service and to give you content as per your taste & preference.

We gather it to build a community of like minded people who are interested in our content and are fond of our articles and web materials. We want no hindrance between you and among us when it comes to your better service. We reach out to you into your inbox just to save your time and to keep you connected with you.

We don’t use any cookies and it will be informed to our users whenever we take any such decision.

Note :- This Privacy Policy may be subject to change.

Last Update : 08 July 2019





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