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Popular French Rapper Reverted to Islam and Performed Hajj in Mecca

Imagine a girl who has millions of dollars, huge fan following, greater influence on European people, whose albums have sold 4 million copies around the world wearing a niqab and walking the streets of Saudi Arabia as anonymous.

It sounds little odd but it’s true and it is the story of a popular French rapper who was known as Diam’s.

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Diam’s whose original name is Mélanie Georgiades lived a life which is the dream of millions of youth if not billion. She wrote and performed numerous hit songs and won many awards at various award shows.

After all these luxuries of life, she lacked something in her life. She used to party all night but still she felt like she is not made for these things. Clearly, Allah was about to change her life by gifting her Islam.

“All this stuff, the money, the success, the power did not make me happy,” Georgiades told Arab News. “I was searching for happiness; I was very, very sad, and I was alone. I was wondering why I was on this earth. I knew it was not to be rich or famous, because I had those things, and they did not make me happy. So, I began searching for answers to all my questions.” She added.

In 2008, the successful year of his singing career she won many awards such as MTV European Music Award for Best French Artist, NRJ Music Awards for Best Artist, Best Album, and Best Song. But it was going to be the year when his life would change forever and she would become a Muslimah.

Diam’s visited one of her Muslim friend Sousou and saw her praying. It was first such experience for her. She joined Sousou in prayer despite the fact she didn’t know anything about Muslim prayer.

She imitated her friend and prostrated to Allah; that moment she felt like she found God and the true faith. She prostrated to the creator of this world and herself for the first time.

“When I prayed with her and I prostrated myself, I felt being connected with God,” Georgiades said.

She obtained a copy of Qur’an and read it throughout. She was convinced of Allah but as she read Qur’an her faith in Allah grew stronger and stronger until she became confident of Islam.

Finally, at the end of same year, she converted to Islam and disappeared from Music industry and one year later she was photographed outside a mosque wearing veil.

This photo of her made huge outcry in France and among her fans. People started spreading hate against her and spreading propaganda against her. She was vilified in the French Press as a potential Muslim threat to the society.

To stop all this non-sense and unnecessary fuss created around her she came back into the music industry for the last time. She released a single “Children of the Desert” from her album “SOS where she destroyed all the false claims made against her.

In the song she describes the intolerance of society in France, stating that society had been far from supportive of her after she converted to Islam, leaving her feeling betrayed herself looking for a new life elsewhere.

She put her story in front of her fans and French people through that song. Some people sympathized with her while some didn’t.

But she did what she wanted to do and left the industry forever. Despite all those hates still coming she found the ultimate peace in Islam which she failed to find in her so-called glorious days.

In 2017, Diam’s moved to Saudi Arabia with her husband Faouzi Tarkhani and was able to relocate in the kingdom. They both performed Hajj as common people and were invited for their second Hajj last year by the Ministry of Hajj, KSA.

Truly rappers like Diam’s, Kevin Gates and others are true inspiration for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. They inspire others to look into what have been hidden from them and make them realise that Islam isn’t a religion of Arabs and desert.

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