Muslim Man to Run 260Km While Fasting to Raise Money for the Needy

Helping poor is a characteristic of good and pious Muslim especially when the whole world is in a grip of fear, death and migration. There are few people who rise up, gather courage and go out to do something for those vulnerable people.

This article covers the mountainous pledge of Haroon Mota who is running everyday while fasting to gather money for the poor and needy people. He aimed to run 260km and collect 50,000 GBP while fasting from sunrise to sunset.

He is running to support Muslim charity organization Penny Appeal Organisation which has set up emergency relief fund for the countries suffering from Coronavirus, hunger and death. The money Harron raises will also go towards supporting people in the UK where food and hygiene packs are being distributed to vulnerable groups that are isolating.

Haroon earlier planned to run for four big marathons in five weeks but had to drop the plan after the Berlin Marathon was cancelled and put under review. He found a brilliant alternative in the form of running while fasting to generate charity for the poor.

Surprisingly, Haroon successfully collected around half of the required money within few days of starting. The challenge which he took during Ramadan requires him to run for 8.7Km/day so that he may complete the remaining target before the month ends.

Haroon has planned to run 10Km each day so as to he finishes his mission early on time. He says: ‘Running in Ramadan is such a challenge because you’re fasting for 16 hours every day, from dawn until sunset.

‘I feel very thirsty when I run, but I keep in mind the millions of people who do not have access to clean water and it motivates me to keep pushing myself. ‘I think of all the people who have had to flee their homes. I choose to run, but they have no choice.

Haroon Mota is a famous marathon runner, mountaineer and award winning fundraiser based in Coventry, England.

Haroon is an example to all of us who wish to help poor but stay back without doing anything. Do consider supporting him by donating here.

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