Hollywood Star Morgan Freeman Says Adhan is the most Beautiful Sound in the World

Adhan (call to prayer) is an inseparable part of Muslims’ life. The Muezzin (Caller) calls believers to come and submit to Allah. It is indeed a beautiful sound and brings tranquility into heart.

It is a fascination for many of Non-Muslims who find it beautiful and mesmerizing. Morgan Freeman is a new addition into the list of admirer’s of Adhan.

The prominent Hollywood actor has expressed his affection towards this call of submission and termed as ‘one of the most beautiful sounds in the world’. He made the aforementioned comment while he was filming for National Geographic’s documentary at a mosque. The documentary ‘The Story of God’ is a series about different faiths in the world.

Freeman sat with the Imam (the one who leads prayer) of mosque and discussed him about the origin of Adhan and how a Muezzin is chosen for the job.

He also praised Islam by saying that he met lots of Muslims & studied their behavior and concluded that Islam aims for people to live in peace.

Moving a step ahead he also recited Adhan and did it really well. Freeman has always shown solidarity with Muslim community and always spoken for Muslim causes.

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