‘Let My Building Burn, Justice Needs to Be Served’: Muslim Restaurant Owner

The death of George Floyd has nights of protests and violence across the US. There are reports of hundreds of businesses being damaged or looted during four days of unrest.

Among these businesses is the Gandhi Mahal Restaurant, an Indian restaurant owned by a Bangladeshi Muslim migrant.

Ruhel Islam, who immigrated to the US 24 years ago, woke up on Friday morning to discover that his family business had been razed to the ground.


When he found out, his daughter, Hafsa Islam, said he only had one response: “Let my building burn. Justice needs to be served and those officers need to be put in jail,” Times of India reported.



“We can rebuild a building, but we cannot rebuild a human,” said Ruhul Islam, 42. “The community is still here, and we can work together to rebuild.”

During the protests, Hafsa said the family transformed their restaurant into a safe haven for injured protesters who needed aid.

“All of Tuesday and Wednesday we took in hundreds of injured people. By Thursday night, it felt too dangerous to be there.”

However, in their response to the incident, the restaurant owners said that they won’t lose hope and added that they want justice to be served.

They took to Facebook to issue a powerful statement which was written by the owner Ruhel Islam’s 18-year-old daughter Hafsa. “Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone for checking in. Sadly, Gandhi Mahal has caught fire and has been damaged. We won’t lose hope though, I am so grateful for our neighbours who did their best to stand guard and protect Gandhi Mahal,” the post read.

Despite the loss of their business, Hafsa said they were standing in support of protesters and their cause.

“This isn’t about the business, this is about us. This is about George Floyd and all of the people whose lives have been taken wrongfully because of police brutality.

“We are fighting for justice in such an unjust system,” she added.

We Muslims are standing in solidarity with the African Americans and We want justice to be served early as Justice delayed is justice denied. We are together as Americans irrespective of race, color and religion.

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