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Japanese Scientist Reverted to Islam after Reading One Verse of Holy Qur’an

You must have met or came across people who swagger around calling out that they don’t need religion because they know science. Unfortunately, few modern Muslims have also fallen into this trap and they consider Islam to be underdeveloped in term of science.

But truth is something very different from their notion. As a Nobel Prize Winner Scientist once said, “A scientific discovery is also a religious discovery. There is no conflict between science and religion. Our knowledge of God is made larger with every discovery we make about the world.”

There are so many such quotes made by scientist which can be mentioned here but I won’t drag you into these debates. A Japanese scientist converted to Islam after reading just a single verse from Holy Qur’an.

Dr Atsushi Kamal Okuda lived a major part of life in ignorance and without Allah but now he is a Muslim. Before Islam Dr Okuda explained a life full of immorality and lacked the knowledge of the purpose of existence.

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“Before Islam my life was barbaric. Very barbaric! Ignorant. I didn’t know the truth!” Says Dr Atsushi.

He went on searching for the true religion until one day, during the sixth year of his college he came across a research paper where he found an Aayah of Qur’an which was about the creation of mankind by Allah.

The verse was the 26th Verse of the 15th Chapter of Al-Qur’an; where Allah says, “And indeed, We created man from sounding clay of altered black smooth mud.”

This aayah shook him within and he started to learn more about Islam. Subsequently, he reverted to Islam and shifted to Aleppo, Syria to learn Islam and Arabic.

He was very happy to become Muslim and explains, “At that moment! I converted to Islam. I believe that this is the greatest gift from Allah in my life!”.

Today Dr Okuda is a practicing Muslim and a Prof of Political Systems at Kieo Univeristy in Japan. Apart from this he is a Da’ee (the one who invites people to Islam) and mentor too.

Dr Okuda exerts much pressure on calling people to Islam in Japan and elsewhere because he knows the world is going to be doomed if it doesn’t follow Islam. Japanese scientist converted to Islam will boost the confidence of Japanese people who will choose Islam as their one true religion.

He cares for Japan and his people and doesn’t want them to lead a life without Allah. He is working passionately on this mission and plans to succeed by the blessings of Allah.

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