Indonesian MP Supports Polygamy by Saying He and His Three Wives Live Together Peacefully

In 21st century people are free to express their opinions without any problem either technically or socially. Internet gave people a very powerful tool to express their opinions i.e., social media.

But people on their side often make comments which other people don’t like and are totally absurd in nature. Any irresponsible comment from leaders make more impact and hype than a commoner.

Recently, one such thing happened in Indonesia where a Parliamentarian supported polygamy with a weird example.

Achmad Fadil Muzakki Syah, 39 is an Indonesian lawmaker who has three wives. He is notorious for flaunting his polygamous nature and is quite famous for making public appearances with his three wives.

He believes in presenting his family as a perfect example of polygamy which is generally problematic to handle. He believes, his appearance with three wives would showcase his family as an “example” of how to carry out “good and harmonious polygamy”.

Achmad, the National Democratic Party MP stirred public emotion when he said he and his wives sleep together in one bed and lives together happily. People showed their anger against him and called out that his statements will provoke other men to do the same.

Achmad is very frank towards sharing his views on polygamy. “It is my intention to bring the press attention to my family to be an example to show that polygamy can be good and harmonious … there is no need for secretive acts, nikah siri, or to have affairs, he said to a news agency.

He married his first wife 22 years ago and married two more wives. He also fathered seven children right now.

Many of the feminist Muslims have showed their dissent over his polygamous attitude. “I don’t recall any public official blatantly parading around his wives like that. Former vice-president Hamzah Haz has more than one wife, but I think only the first wife made public appearances,” said one of the leading feminists in Indonesia.

Indonesia has seen surge in polygamy with the rise of orthodoxy in the nation. More and more people are looking out for second wife and the conferences on polygamy are common now a days.

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