Indonesian Couple Creates Mask to Help Deaf People Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

The worldwide pandemic forced everyone to wear Masks and use sanitizers as a safety measure against Covid-19.  But Can you imagine the plight of deaf people who cannot listen but they only understand the lip reading.

And how difficult it would be for deaf people to read and communicate while wearing face masks? It’s quite frustrating period for this group during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lip-reading suddenly becomes tricky when everyone covered their face during the coronavirus pandemic.

Necessity is the mother of invention. A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem. An Indonesian couple in Makassar on Sulawesi island  has once again proved this statement to be true. The couple creates cloth masks with transparent plastic in the middle to help fellow deaf people.

“Since the pandemic started, everyone is wearing face masks. For deaf people, we can’t understand what others are saying because we can’t read their lips, ” said 52-year-old Faizah Badaruddin.

Faizah and her husband Imam Saroson used to sew cushions, bed sheets and curtains for customers. But when orders dried up, Faizah looked up instructional videos online to work out how to produce masks for the hearing impaired.

Since early April, the little business has been producing as many as two dozen transparent masks a day in small, medium and large sizes. And the price of mask is also affordable for everyone in between 40 cent to 60 cent depending upon the size.

Innovation cost just open mind and a heart full of empathy. And this Indonesian couple has proved this. We don’t have to be super rich to help people. We just have to be an empath.



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