Muslim Husband Gifted ‘Handwritten Qur’an’ as Mahar to His Newlywed Wife

We live in 21st century where money has taken the prime position in our life. Big cars, huge mansions, rich clothes are the criteria over which a person is judged or analysed. Our marriages are more extravagant and our gifts the costliest of all. These were not the practices of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he always preached simplicity and sprituality. Abu Umamah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, simple living is part of faith, simple living is part of faith.”

But there are people who don’t like to flaunt things and want to keep their relationships pure and austere. This is one such story although we don’t have enough information about this couple. All we have is this beautiful story that the husband wrote an entire Qur’an with his own hands and gifted it to his wife as ‘Mahar’.

Many people may not agree with him on the part that he gifted the Qur’an as Mahar because the Mahar should be in some monetary form. But they should understand that taqwa and sincerity has higher station in Islam than wealth. However, Allah is the best knowing and all-seeing.

See the couple’s photo and the copy of the Qur’an:

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