Hollywood actor Vin Diesel Praises Ramadan in a Video with American Muslim Rapper

In this era of internet and technology anything can go viral and grab attention of millions of people. In one such viral video, famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel can be seen praising Ramadan and making hint that he can also fast during it.

The video features himself and another fellow celebrity, an American Rapper named French Montana who is a Muslim.

In the video posted by French Montana on Instagram, Hollywood actor Vin Diesel is heard saying that the concept of Ramadan is “so powerful” and that “it will probably be good for anybody in life”. He describes the discipline the month brings could be a means of recharging and rehealing.

The video is not new or recent but approximately 3 years old as the date on instagram suggests it to be 2017. The date doesn’t matter but the nice and beautiful feelings of this notorious star towards Islam matters.

He expresses his opinions so genuinely and calmly made it look like he had experienced the sweetness and spirituality of Islam before.

French Montana on the other hand can be seen inviting Vin to join him in the holy month of Ramadan and wishes people with ‘Ramadan Mubarak’. We pray to Allah ﷻ to guide Vin Diesel towards Islam and bless him.

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