Great Islamic Scholar & Educator Passed Away in the Holy Month of Ramadan

Great Islamic scholar and educationalist Allama Khalid Mehmood has passed away in the bless month of Ramadan on 21 Ramadan, 1441 AH (14 May 2020). He was a Pakistani Sunni Islamic scholar and the author of a notable book ‘Aasaar-ut-Tanzeel‘.

A scholar of immense repute all around globe, Allah has learned the Islamic sciences from various scholars before obtaining a PhD from University of Manchester.  A detailed report of his death is yet to come. Allama has served as a justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (Shariat Appellate Bench) and he was also director of the Islamic Academy of Manchester UK. He was the patron of many Islamic organizations and research foundations.

Allama was also the scholar of comparative religion with substantial knowledge of other religions’ sacred texts. He is widely considered as the most influential Islamic scholars outside Pakistan. The death of the scholar in the month of Ramadan gives a glad tiding that he will head towards Jannah.

May Allah bless him and have mercy on him. We will keep you updated with the news. InShaAllah

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