German Woman Married Gambian Husband & Embraced Islam

Islam when enters a heart it changes the life of the person and transform him/her into a whole new personality. We have been reading revert stories everyday on social media.

We enthusiastically read those stories, congratulate our new brother/sister in faith and share their stories.

There is one more interesting story here where our sister married a Gambian migrant in Germany defying the fake and weak notion of racial superiority. Islam treats everyone equally and the color of skin has no place here.

Our sister not only married  and  reverted but also celebrating her first Ramadan.

The German woman has converted to Islam after marrying a Gambian migrant in Germany, changing her name to Fatoumatta.

“I converted to Islam last year. My husband didn’t force me, I decided to embrace the religion. I wanted to quit the church,” she told. Fatoumatta added: “I am fasting, it’s my first Ramadan”

According to her, she is very happy being a Muslim and her husband of two years, Sheriffo Samateh is so proud of her for accepting Islam.

“I hope that my husband and I can visit The Gambia before the end of this year and meet his family and friends for the first time. The coronavirus pandemic is making everything difficult,” she said. Fatoumatta and Sheriffo live in the city of Osnabrück in north-west Germany.

Although the information about Fatoumatta and Sheriffo is very less but we will update you as soon as we get any further information. Till then we pray to Allah to grant the newlywed couple a blessed, happy and prosperous life.

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