German President thanked Muslims for Special Co-operation during Ramadan

As the holy month of Ramadan came to an end, the German President has come out to thanks Muslims living in Germany for their special co-operation during lockdown which collided with holy month of Ramadan.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has praised Muslims who abided the lockdown rules and didn’t go outside to pray at mosque and maintained social distancing.

Since Ramadan is a month of prayer, togetherness, piety and brotherhood; lockdown during covid-19 pandemic requires people to sit at home, avoid gatherings and community building socially.

Hence it was a tough time for Muslims to abide by the rule of the land and the religious duty he/she has to fulfill. Muslims performed their duty well balancing both in a beautiful way.

He also criticized the violence against Muslim community directed by the far right German groups and called for a permanent end to this violence.

The President on the eve of the end of the holy month of Ramadan wrote a special message for Muslims, “”I would like to thank all of you who adhered to these strict rules and contributed to our first success in the fight against the virus.”

“Hatred and exclusion, violent attacks targeting Muslims, attacks on mosques — we cannot tolerate this, we cannot allow this.” He further added. This statement was a direct call against the attackers who have been attacking mosques and Muslims all over Germany since last few years.

Last year, a total of 871 attacks aimed at Muslims or their institutions took place in Germany and the president said it was everyone’s responsibility, including the state to protect Muslims.

The President was more specific towards the Hanau attack which claimed 9 peoples’ lives in two Hookah bars in the western city of Hanau, all the dead were Muslims.

The assault was carried out by a gunman who was deeply filled with hatred and was associated to far-right groups who often targeted Muslims in Germany.

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