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French Girl Converted to Islam after Meeting Syrian Kids in Germany

For most of the human being, religion is just a part of their life, which some of them takes care of and some not. For Muslims, religion is something more than that. It gives discipline to our life; teaches compassion, positivity and enthusiasm.

But for Justine, Islam is everything she has. Islam directed her from evil to good, gave her strength to bounce back; shaped her views towards life and a total strength which she posses. Know exactly why a French girl converted to Islam and living a happy life.

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Things are not easy it is human spirit shaped by the faith which makes it easier. Read this beautiful story of a French Muslim Justine.

Justine was born in 1993 in Rouen, the capital of Normandy in France to a Catholic family. She lived an ordinary childhood & took boxing when she was 10 competing at national level.

At 16, she went Hamburg, Germany to learn German where her soul first encountered the beauty of Islam. She got attracted towards Islam while she used to give cooking classes to Syrian Muslim kids in a mosque.

She didn’t hold back and reverted to Islam, returned her home as a practicing Muslim. Her life took a violent turn when she met with an accident, a truck hit her in the street and left her with broken legs, hands, hips and an injure skull.

The doctors told her she cannot do sports anymore, she had to give up boxing. She was said she cannot walk for around 4 years. Those were hard times for she gathered all the courage from Islam, drew herself closer to Allah and started gaining strength.

She started healing rapidly and started walking again after 7 months. She still takes physiotherapy and relies heavily on medication. She got a big scar from injuries on her feet.

As the time during her treatment was crucial, she found herself much closer with Allah. She remained steadfast with her faith and gained her spiritual and mental fuel from Islam.

She asserted that the accident was not bad as everything happens for good and it was a test from Allah. This French girl converted to Islam for a better life and Allah’s mercy.

Justine prays 5 times a day and eats halal food. She runs a food truck which serves Halal food and offers a new menu every week.

Justine plans to get married, visit Mecca and expand her business overseas. She believes that a woman can be Muslim, handicap and successful entrepreneur at the same time, it all takes a firm belief in Allah.


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