Christians are Rapidly Reverting to Islam in Norway, Women are More Interested in Islam than Men

The unfortunate episode happened last year in Norway paved way for Islam to enter into the heart of Norwegians who were unaware of Islam previously.

The wandering souls are finally getting solutions to their problems. Yes, indeed Islam is rapidly flourishing in Norway with huge number of Christians reverting to Islam.

The number of reverted Muslims in Norway increased to at least 3000 in recent years, a report at Oslo University’s Dept. of Culture studies & Oriental languages says.

Leading newspaper of Norway has also confirmed the report that the number of Norwegians choosing Islam since 1990s has rapidly increased.

In 1990, it was 500 while it went to 3000 in recent years. Excluding expatriate population, the native population is projected to increase rapidly in Norway in upcoming years.

As usual women are more actively choosing Islam as form of liberation from the imposed culture. Previously, Norwegian women converted to marry Muslim men but now the trend has changed drastically.

Now, women are choosing Islam after reading and proper researching about Islam.

Monica Salmouk, a revert told, she chose Islam 5 years ago after researching and reading number of books about the religion.

Another revert Solva Nabile, a 42-year-old Norwegian told she decided to revert to Islam after being inspired by the Muslim asylum seekers which she has been helping out.

Indeed, Islam is a light, air which no one can stop. The more it will be suppressed, the brighter it will shine. It is a religion chosen by Allah for mankind and it is bound to overpower falsehood.


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