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10 Beautiful & Inspiring Quotes by Yusuf Estes, Everyone of Us Should Know About

Yusuf Estes (born Joseph Estes, 1944) is an American Islamic scholar who reverted from Christianity to Islam in 1991.

He has been a Muslim Chaplain for the United States Bureau of Prisons through the 1990s, and served as delegate to the United Nations World Peace Conference for Religious Leaders held at the U.N. in September 2000.

Estes has served as a guest presenter and a keynote speaker at various Islamic events and is member of several International Islamic Organizations.

Estes was named as the Islamic Personality of the Year at the Dubai International Holy Quran Award ceremony on 8 August 2012.

An important face of Islam in America, he has been an important source of inspiration for Americans who reverted to Islam.

His effort towards the promotion of Islam in America is living example of his sincerity towards Islam.

His own revert story is no less than miracle. Here are 10  Yusuf Estes quotes which everyone of us should read at least once:


  1. “Islam is the only thing that offers proof for everything it says.”

  2. “If you don’t fear Allah, You fear what He created.”

  3. “There is nothing bible that contradicts the teachings of Qur’an except where the bible contradicts itself.”

  4. “There are some bad people in every single city on this earth, but it doesn’t make whole earth bad.”

  5. “You are still understanding Islam as a noun, you have not understood it as a verb or action. It is a condition described very clearly in English; Surrender, Submission, Obedience & Peace with Allah.”

  6. “I consider that I did not leave Christianity, I consider that I came to the true Christianity, which is what? To do what Christ did! Not be philosophical about it.”

  7. “When was the last time you really tried to show the example of a Muslim with your good character? When was the last time someone looked at you and said “Wow! I’d like to be like you because you are so nice and kind and generous and sweet and loving and etc.!! Because if you are not an example of the Prophet you claim to follow, I’d like to know what you really are?”

  8. “Islam means: To do What Allah wants you to do rather than obeying yourself.”

  9. “Islam teaches us that Human beings are born innocent not guilty.”

  10. “Islam is about sincerity… How can you force someone to be sincere? How can you force someone to love Allah?”

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