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Ayana Moon- The Beautiful Korean Actress & Model Converted to Islam

If we make a list of world’s most popular young Islamic influencers, the girl mentioned above would make her place in it. She is one of the youngest, most successful and influential Muslim women around the globe. We are talking about Ayana Jihya Moon, the famous Instagram influencer from Korea. She was born on 28th December 1995 in Seoul, South Korea.

Ayana is a famous actress, model and influencer well known as the ‘Korean Hijabi’. With more than 3 million followers on Instagram with people following her mainly from Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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Ayana Moon achieved a big name and fame at a very young age. She is currently working as a Muslimah Fashion Model and is the brand image of one of the most famous beauty brands of Indonesia.

Ayana got these blessings from Allah when she converted to Islam 8 years ago when she was only 16 years old. She was the first person from her family to embrace Islam but she was followed by her brother, Aydin Moon.

Ayana describes how she reverted to Islam in one of her videos. According to Ayana, she came to know about Islam when she was 7-8 years old and while Iraq war was going on.

She was aware of America back then due to the closeness of the country with her own but she was unaware of the name Iraq. At that time, she got the internet for the first time.

She searched for Iraq and whatever was going on. There she came across the term ‘Islam’ for the first time. She found that people of Iraq followed a religion called Islam.

Ayana says while chuckling that she found the word Islam very cute to pronounce. During this research she found out the pictures of Muslim women who were wearing Hijab and Niqab covering their faces and body from head to toe.

Ayana Moon whose grandfather was a politician used to hear discussions carried out by her grandpa at home. He used to talk about Islam, about niqab and hijab and other Islamic things.

People in Korea weren’t aware of Islam and had negative views about it then. So, the comments made by her grandpa wasn’t very favorable towards Muslims.

Ayana too was very much intrigued and awkward about the fact that women were covering their faces and bodies. She wanted to know about the whole concept.

Unlike other people, Ayana continued her exploration of Islam and soon she started liking it. She watched different videos about Islam available in Korean language.

Her religious knowledge and opinions were based upon the knowledge of her family but when she read Islam her opinions got changed.

The time passed and she went into high school but meanwhile her fascination about Islam was constant and her knowledge about it was constantly growing.

People around her started noticing the pattern of her knowledge and interests. Soon she stood out from her people, friends and teachers in terms of religious knowledge.

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These were times when Allah had better plan for her. During her high school days, she got a chance to know Islam closely. She joined ‘World Assembly Muslim Youth’ camp for few days.

It was a camp conducted to learn and teach Islam to people. As per the schedule of the camp she visited a mosque where met an Islamic girl of young age who was very charming and attractive.

Ayana got impressed with her personality as she saw how after being a Muslim, this girl was living her life to fullest. Her delusion got shattered in moments.

She saw a confident, beautiful young woman who was practicing Muslimah. This was the turning point of her life and her life wasn’t going to be the same as it was a day before.

She joined a weekly camp that was conducted every week in a Mosque called Salam Nuri. Here she met one of her mentors who taught her a lot more about Islam.

In 2012, Ayana reverted to Islam. At first, she was scared and confused about wearing Hijab every day. She was confused about how she would practice Islam daily.

But these problems were only her fear and she hadn’t face any of those problem. She was able to manage her new religion in her hostile society. But She also accepts that other people have to suffer too much in the society.

Ayana Moon wants to be a global Islamic influencer and wants to fill the bridge between Korea and other Muslim nations. She also owns a travel agency business and also got her graduation degree from International Islamic University in Malaysia.

Ayana also launched her book called ‘Ayana’s Journey to Islam’ which is loved by many Muslims. Ayana Moon and other youths are the ambassadors of Islam to other community and they must be promoted.


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