Australian Youngsters are Reverting to Islam Rapidly, Islam is Growing Constantly in the Continent

According to a detailed report in the Australian media, a large number of young Aussie men and women have been leaving their own religion and converting to the most beautiful religion in the world, Islam.

The videos are storming on the social media which pursued the attentions of Muslims around the world.

The majority religion in Australia is Christianity but only 20% of the entire Christian community follows it. Interestingly, around 50% population is against the Muslims according to the survey due to the presence of large numbers of white extremist, racist and supremacist ideologies.

Surprisingly, the very fact that people are reverting to Islam and most shockingly, the majority of them being youngsters, are enough as a solid answer to all the anti-Islamist ideologies. Most of the Aussies are not happy with the life they live.

According to them, they are spending their lives drinking, gambling and clubbing. They are blindly following the western culture as they do all the activities of the western culture.

Many of the Aussies admitted that they chose wrong path in their lives. Vices such as drinking, gambling and fornication has stronghold in the life of many Australians.

What is the purpose of life and why they were created and hundreds of thousands of answer keep disturbing them but they fail to find any answers in the religion of Christianity.

Thanks to the Muslim friends who advise them to read the Holy Quran. After reading the book, they started to get answer of all those question which were disturbing them. As they continue to read more and more their mind get clearer day by day.

They started to realize that only Islam is the true religion, a religion with complete idea of how to live your life and whom to bow before and the right concept of God and why we all are created. There are more than six hundred thousand Muslim and it makes nearly 3% percent of the entire population.

An increase of over 15% of its previous population share of 2.2% reported in the previous census 5 years earlier. Of that earlier 2.2% figure, “some estimate more than half are non-practicing.

The total Muslim population makes in Islam, in all its denominations and sects, the second largest religious grouping in Australia, after all denominations and sects of Christianity.

In Australia, Bosnian, Bangladeshi, Iraqi, Pakistani, Kurdish, Somali, Lebanese, Turkish Muslim communities are present. The majority of the Muslim population is leaving in the Cocos Islands. Before 1981 approximately 41,000 Muslims had settled in Australia, making up 2% of migrants.The proportion of Muslims immigrating to Australia is increasing steadily.

Between 1996 and 2000 approximately 47,000 Muslims migrated to Australia. They represented 9% of Australia’s total immigration intake throughout that period. In 2001 a further 7,533 Muslims migrated to Australia. Muslim doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, academics, tradespeople and blue-collar workers are participating fully in Australian life.

Muslim small businesses abound in the major cities (for example, in Auburn and Lakemba in Sydney and in Brunswick and Coburg in Melbourne) and are another reminder of the role Muslims play in the economic life of Australia. Muslims have promoted interfaith religious dialogue in order to encourage greater mutual understanding between people.

They have also been able to provide other Australians with greater knowledge about the Muslim cultures in African, Arab and Asian nations.

The Muslim community has enhanced the debate in Australian society about the interests of minority groups, which have often had their needs and opinions ignored by mainstream society. Australian Muslims have asserted their desire to be treated equally and to be free from negative stereotypes.

Attraction towards Islam in any nation isn’t new and many foreign nations have adopted Islam in history. May Allah guide these current nations too.

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