American Pastor Converted to Islam ‘Because of Saudi Hospitality’

An American Pastor converted to Islam after receiving friendly treatment from  the kingdom of Saudi Arabia while visiting the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Samuel Earle Shropshire first travelled to Jeddah in 2012 to work as an editor New translation of the Holy Quran .

 At first he was full of ware and hesitation because of the negative portrayal of Mulims and especially Arabs by the Western Media. But later he realized that media is not showing the real pictures but fabricated stories around Muslims.


Samuel Earle Shropshire made the comments in an interview with semi-official Saudi news website Sabq published on Tuesday.

The 70-year-old explained that when he first travelled to Jeddah in 2011 to work as an editor for a new translation of the Quran he was wary due to the negative image portrayed of Muslims in the US media.

“I soon realised that reality was completely different from what I had seen in the media,” he said.

“I saw good people, who take the initiative to greet people and are generous regardless of whether you are Muslim or not.”

He added that hospitality he received in Jeddah coupled with his work on the Quran led him to embrace Islam.

“Saudis worship only one God and they have good morals,” he said.

Shropshire, who now lives in Saudi Arabia, is the founder of non-profit organisation Muslim Voice for Peace & Reconciliation.

Shropshire is now a community leader and running various NGOs for the upliftment of Muslims and propagation of true messages of Islam.


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