Mvslimfeed is an online news/media portal primarily focusing on Islam and Islamic things. We started back in 2016 with an Islamic page on facebook which has 188,000 likes on it.  After working for more than two years on the page Allah guided us to establish a website which may increase the presence of Islam on web. So, with the name of Allah we started Mvslimfeed in 2019. Since then there have been no looking back, we grew rapidly and reached to more than 2.2 million people in a span of one year. Our journey is just in a beginning phase and we have to go far along with our valuable readers and users without whom it wasn’t possible.

We provide Islamic articles; publish Islamic news, viral stories from day to day life, extraordinary achievements of Muslims, valuable tips from the life of Prophet Pbuh. Furthermore, we also bring the glorious past of Islam to modern Muslims so that they may learn from past. Overall, we spread positive news from all over the world and include Muslims of every cast, color, race and creed in our online digital community.

You can also be a part of us by following us on Facebook, Instagram and by subscribing to our newsletter and push up notifications. We are so happy to see you here and want to serve you in all possible way. Suggestions and opinions are always welcome. JazakAllah.

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