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5 Signs of a Good & Caring Husband that Every Girl Should Know

Marriage is highly recommended Sunnah in Islam. It is very necessary for spouses to know each other so that their married lives go on smoothly.

In a patriarchal society, women have least to say in their marriage. Their choices are often subdued under their parents’. Women are supposed to marry the chosen groom and live a life without previously knowing him.

Our society asks women to keep her husband happy but don’t bother asking a husband the same.

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In this article, we have collected ‘5 signs of a good and caring husband’ for our Muslim & Non-Muslim sisters.

A good husband is one who plays with his wife and jokes with her in order to show his affection for her. Such men are ever ready to cheer their wife in any situation and are best of husbands.

He who honors his wife in front of others & misses her when she is not around fits well in the category of good & caring husband. If a man honors you in front of his family & friends, treat you like a Queen then he is definitely a caring and loving husband.

A true man always protects his wife from all dangers, perils and evil eyes. It is his duty and responsibility to do so and my sisters if he manages to fulfill it then surely he is good and caring husband.

He is her companion in every circumstances and he should realize it. If a woman commits any mistake her husband should defend her in public and should correct her in private instead of doing vice versa. These all are sign of a good and caring husband.

The one who supplicates for their love and blessings to increase and asks Allah to gather them together in Jannah is surely a good and caring husband.


This list is exhaustive but essences will remain same. If your husband is a good and loving one thanks Allah and if he is not pray Allah to soften his heart. May Allah make it easy for all of us. Aameen

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