Zero Cases of COVID-19 In Gaza Till Now , The World Forgot about Gaza, but Muslims In Gaza Prayed for the World due to COVID-19

As you all are very well aware that about 100+ countries are under complete lockdown due to the COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, China and Italy are worst hit by this outbreak with the total number of deaths in China 3500+ and 4500+ in Italy.

All the major countries with well developed medical sciences and economically well are also facing trials of this deadly virus, even in the USA and Italy, deaths are regularly increasing. In the USA the numbers of death are reaching nearly 300.

While those countries and peoples are lockdowns who always keep on torturing and killing the innocent Muslims of Syria and Palestine. Do you know? There have been zero cases reported from GAZA, can you believe It? Here is the rational reason for this outcome of Zero cases of COVID-19 in Gaza.

The People of Syria and Palestine are under severe lockdown from almost 20-25 years, there border always stay blocked or with the curfew, no people wish to visit these places because these areas are a war zone, all the superpower countries always keep on destroying these two places in terms of socially, economically, religiously and culturally, daily about 50 people all Muslims dies due to gunfire, bombs, airstrikes by the enemies of Islam.

The last Friday witnessed a tremendous miracle in Gaza, as the Muslims around the world have not prayed Friday Salah in their Masjid and even In the most sacred places of Makkah and Madina only a few officials with Imam performed Salah in Makkah and Madina, while rest of the worshippers were not allowed even to enter in the premises of two holy mosques, else in the world where the Friday prayer took place the Worshipper was either covered their faces with a face mask or very few come to attend the prayer, the Muslims of GAZA wholeheartedly prayed without any fear of COVID-19 as they have been cut off from the world, no one is coming and no one is going, so zero cases occurred in Gaza of COVID-19.

The Muslims there prayed for the entire world and not only for Muslims, while the other nations wanted to kill them they prayed for those nations and their people.

May ALLAH bless each and every Muslim around the world, may Almighty keep us healthy and alive so that we can ask forgiveness of our sins from our Lord and may he accept it from us

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