This 95-year-old Italian grandmother recovers from the Novel Coronavirus

Corona virus is a cancer for the people having age of more than 50 years old. Aged people suffered the most as 78% of the deaths occurred due to corona virus took their lives. But most surprisingly, people having age more 90 have survived from this epidemic.

At 95, Alma Clara Corsini might be the oldest woman in Italy to recover from the novel coronavirus, and the Gazetta Di Modena reports she did it without antiviral therapy.

Questa simpatica signora in foto si chiama Alma Clara Corsini, ha 95 anni, ed è appena guarita dal #COVID19! Un grande augurio a lei, e un grazie di cuore allo staff medico dell’ospedale di Pavullo (Modena) per averci regalato un timido sorriso! #COVID19italia

— Fabio Massimo Castaldo (@FMCastaldo) March 21, 2020

Corsini was admitted to a hospital in Pavullo in northern Italy on March 5 after being diagnosed with COVID-19, which has infected more than 60,000 people in Italy and killed more than 5,000. Older people are at especially high risk for contracting the disease, and the risk of serious illness or death increases after the age of 80.

She told the Italian newspaper, “I’m fine. They were good people who looked after me well, and now they’ll send me home in a little while.They told me that I still have a strong physique,despite my years I still defend myself well.”

Corsini told the Gazzetta di Modena. She had shown few symptoms at the retirement home in Fanano where she stays, and the doctor who sent her to the hospital was initially concerned she might be anemic. Antivirals or anti-inflammatories would have been too strong for her, doctors told the Italian newspaper, so they treated Corsini with antibiotics. Nine days after she tested positive, she was tested again and the results came back negative.

Corsini will return to the retirement home, where those who had come in contact with her, including her roommate, have all tested negative for COVID-19. Her story is one of the first signs of hope as the country sees a smaller increase in new coronavirus cases for the second straight day. Although it has taken many lives but our earth badly needs a break.

As the life is shutdown, the sky is getting clear from CO2 and other harmful gases. Traffic pollution is drastically reduced. The air is getting clear and pure. The virus is deadly but on the other hand, it is healing the world from deadly pollutants and many other severe respiratory diseases as the air in the atmosphere is getting clean and pure.

Positive affect of corona virus

Satellites have already picked up on the startling changes coronavirus has left in its wake. The density of greenhouse gases wafting over China has markedly cleared, a direct result of an outbreak that has shuttered industries and cancelled air travel.

An analysis shows that China’s emissions of CO2, a major greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change, has dropped by 25 percent since the crisis began. China’s industries customarily shut down over the week-long New Year’s Holiday, when the epidemic was first identified in Wuhan. But they haven’t returned to normal operations since, as widespread closures have slashed the demand for energy.

Coal consumption in power plants has dropped 36 percent, and oil refining capacity has been lowered by 34 percent. Cancellations by major airlines has also contributed to the CO2 decline, though not as markedly. Air travel in China bottomed out at 10 percent but has since climbed back up by 5 percent.Altogether, China emitted 600 million tons of CO2 in the past four weeks about 200 million tons less than expected.

The International Energy Agency suggests the coronavirus could affect global oil demand in the first quarter of this year. There’s no sign yet of a full rebound, but as China heads back to work there could be a surge in greenhouse gasses, since factories and offices could be racing to catch up with suppressed demand. For now, at least, the skies are a little clearer than they were at the beginning of the year.

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