Spanish Palace Echoed with the Sound of Adhan after 500 Years

Muslims have golden history in Europe, particularly in Spain where they ruled for almost 800 years. Today, Spain boasts of large old palaces & monuments, tasty cuisines, dynamic culture among the world but very few people know the fact that Islam and Arabs have contributed a lot in shaping the current Spanish culture.

Muslims left the land which they established and flourished in the hands of Christians. With the exodus of Muslims, Islamic civilization also left. The palaces and mosques were turned into the private palaces and churches of new rulers.

For almost 500 years, the walls of the famous Alhambra Palace in Spain have not heard the Islamic call to prayer. However, in a recent video footage, a man can be seen reciting the call-to-prayer inside the palace. Mouaz Al Nass, a Saudi-born musician of Syrian descent, recited the Azaan inside the palace. The video immediately went viral over the internet garnering large number of views on it.

This was the first time in 500 years that the adhan was heard at the historic Qalat Al-Hamra, the Arabic name given to the fortress by the Muslim rulers who built it in the 1330s. It has been almost five centuries since the call to prayer was heard.

The tourists were shocked when they heard the voice of Adhan suddenly. The tourists along with Mouaz enjoyed the beautiful voice and captured the epic scene in their phones. When asked about what made him eager to give Adhan, Mouaz told, he felt the walls had missed ‘hearing the call to Allah’. This video of Mouaz has been viewed more than million times since the time it was published online.

Alhambra Palace was built by Muslim ruler of Grenada, Yusuf I during the 1330s. It was the time when the Muslim Sultanate of Spain was on the verge of collapsing. In 1492, Granada came under Christian rule and the palace was known at the time to have been a final place of refuge for artists and intellectuals.

As the Spanish Reconquest took place by Christians who eventually won victories over Al Andalusia, they hoarded to eradicate every trace of Muslim rule and culture. The palace, constructed as a fortress, was the last stronghold of Al Andalusia before falling to the Catholic army of Spanish King and Queen Ferdinand and Isabella.

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