Spain Lifted Ban on Adhan after 500 Years, People are Calling Adhan on Streets & Balconies

Coronavirus crisis has locked down almost 1 billion population in their houses. Death toll has been increasing rapidly in European countries such as Italy, Spain and France. Spain is one of the badly hit countries. The government is taking every possible step to prevent people from getting out of their houses and socialising.

People are locked at their homes cheering for people who are volunteering at the time of crisis in their own ways. Spain which has banned the Adhan on loudspeaker has now uplifted the ban and people are free to call Adhan now on loudspeaker after 500 years.

Muslims took this opportunity and now streets of Spain are echoing with the melodious sound of Adhan. Like other people, Muslims are cheering for doctors and health workers by Calling Adhan, assuring everyone that Allah is Supreme and the best healer.

Several video clips are going viral over the internet where people can be seen calling Adhan on the streets and balconies with hands and loudspeakers.

The ongoing crisis has forced the world to go under quarantine. Almost all major nations have imposed lock down to prevent the virus from spreading. There are total 42,058 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Spain, out of which 2,991 people have died and 3,794 patients are recovered.

The digits are rapidly increasing with each successive days and Spain stands at fourth place after China, Italy and Iran. We pray Allah for their quick recovery and everything go back to normal, like once it was.


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