Scientists Say Cow Urine Has ‘Zero’ Health Benefits & That Sounds Like Bad News for Indians

If you ever had experience to visit India, the most popular and secure thing you find in India is a cow. Although. Women are not safe in India but cows are. In India, women are not safe because of high number of rape cases. Even female tourists have been raped in India. It is considered as one of the most dangerous country for women to live in. But if you are a cow, then you are treated as Goddess India.

Cows have a very important place in India country and are even worshipped. In general, you may find people killing and mistreating other animals in India but a cow is either worshipped or her urine is privatized and used to cure various diseases, supposedly. The people of India consider cows as their Goddess and the person who slaughtered cows for the purpose of meat is even killed.

While we love animals immensely, India has taken its love for the cow a notch higher than usual. We’ve heard different benefits of cow products, across the country, how cow urine helps curing cancer, or how the cow’s milk is yellow because it contains gold or even how cow by-products have a sheer shot cure for Coronavirus. Some of them even have attempted to classify cows as the magical unicorn that’ll ever so benevolently benefit us through its various elixirs.

Cows are considered sacred in Hinduism, and some petitioners see the research program as another effort by the Indian government, run by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), to validate faith-based pseudoscience.

Since there is no scientific backing to believe that the cow is the holy cure for everything (except a mere Hindu belief), the Indian government wants to change that, and make others believe of how beneficial a cow really is. For that they obviously need logic and science and a bunch of people who have both the expertise.

So, on February 17, the Indian government called for an initiative inviting research on the benefits of cow dung, urine, milk and all other by-products from “pure indigenous cows”. Called Scientific Utilization Through Research Augmentation-Prime Products from Indigenous Cows (SUTRA PIC), the event was led by the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST), the official ministry that spearheads scientific research.

All cow enthusiasts, academics, researchers and startups to come under one roof and prepare a proposal that declares that the cow piss and other by-products have medicinal, nutritional and agricultural benefits, after thorough research of course. The real aim behind this research was manufacturing of cow by-products like toothpaste, mosquito repellent and edibles like milk, butter and ghee that many believe can cure many ailments including cancer.

More than 500 scientists have asked the Indian government to withdraw a call for research proposals on the “uniqueness” of indigenous cows and the curative properties of cow urine, dung, and milk, including potential cancer treatments. In an online letter, the researchers say the call is “unscientific” and a misdirection of public money at a time when research in India is already facing a financial crunch.

The call does not appear to be shaped by “objective scientific inquiry,” but rather “aimed at confirming existing beliefs,” says Aniket Sule, a reader at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education who helped draft the letter. “They should prove that there is some merit in pursuing this research before throwing money at it,” Sule says.

However, there’s just one rational problem. The scientists don’t want to carry out this research and have clearly said ‘NO’ to the government. The main reason why the scientists are not too keen to carry forth this research is because they believe that glorifying cow products will undermine the credibility of scientific achievements especially when a lot of research has been carried out in the field of cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure and none of these ailments are mentioned in the ancient texts.  Neither do they have a verified source of cow products actually curing any of these diseases.

Religiously glorifying an animal and marking its popularity through unverified synopsis around the country is something we shouldn’t do. Yes, the cow is as important as any other animal and we should uphold all of them equally. While we’re trying to break cow myths and asking people to leave her urine alone, it looks like people will only understand that in due time when they will stop relying on actual allopathic treatment and start drinking cow urine to cure cancer!

I ask our readers to stop believing on myths created by the people and rely on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him). May Allah guide all  of us.

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