Alhamdulillah Nurse Areema Nasreen Is Stable; Don’t Spread Rumours About Death

There is panic everywhere because of Coronavirus. This is increasing rapidly due to the lack of taking precautionary measures. Public is roaming in the streets. The condition is getting critical by every passing hour. In UK, US, Italy and Iran, there is continuous increase in number of corona virus patients.

With the increase in the number of deaths worldwide, the rumours are also spreading rapidly on Social media platforms. The market of fake news and false information is flourishing. And It’s a time to be very cautious and calm. Some Youtubers are selling the home  made remedies to fight the Coronavirus to get views. Various websites are posting random articles to get views. In simple, it is completely messed up situation. It’s a time to check the facts before sharing it.

UK is the home to millions of Muslim. Many Muslims are also reported to have corona virus. Unfortunately, a Muslim nurse has embraced martyrdom while serving on duty.

Some trolls are sharing the News of the death of Areema Nasreen while fighting Coronavirus.  But after  a fast fact check, we found that it’s fake news and people are sharing it without any verification. A National Health Service (NHS) Nurse, Areema Nasreen 36-year-old, is in Walsall Manor hospital in the West Midlands, United Kingdom and Fighting against Coronavirus.

“Pakistani British Nurse Areema Nasreen Martyard and lost her battle against coronavirus, while treating infected Patients. First Nurse Passed away, she paid her Price and life for Corona viruse sick patients. She is no more in this world. She is a real Proud of our Nursing Profession. Salute to Nurses, Human rights Council of Pakistan Reported on Wednesday.” It’s sad when Big authority such as Human Rights Council of Pakistan is spreading rumours without verification.

A 36-year-old nurse described as “normally fit and healthy” was critically ill in intensive care after contracting coronavirus, The Guardian Reported on March 23, 2020. Areema Nasreen was on a ventilator at Walsall Manor hospital in the West Midlands where she has worked for 16 years. The sister of a Walsall staff nurse who was critically ill with coronavirus has slammed sick internet trolls who claimed she had died.

Mum-of-three Areema Nasreen was rushed to the Manor Hospital last week after falling ill with the severe respiratory infection. She remains ventilated but her condition is understood to have improved slightly and she is now stable. The married 36-year-old tested positive for the virus after developing a soaring temperature, body aches and a cough. She was living in Walsall, had no underlying health issues and first developed symptoms including body aches, a fever and a cough 13 days ago. She was tested positive for the Coronavirus on Friday.

One message was shared a number of times and also featured a picture of Areema in her uniform. But Kazeema Afzal, Areema’s sister, said: “It’s disgusting. Children in our family have social media and they are having to read things like this.

“We have seen a number of messages claiming Areema has died and it is absolutely not true and does nothing but add to our family’s pain. “None of us have been able to see Areema since she was admitted to intensive care. While we are given regular updates from the hospital which is reassuring, messages like this set us all back. We ask Allah to protect and save our sister Areema Nasreen.

I request all of you to be aware while sharing anything on Social Media. Be a responsible human being. Verify it before spreading. Let’s break the chain of Coronavirus and Be an active reader.

It is fatal virus. This women is an example for the people who thinks it is just a flu. Please we all need to take it seriously. This virus is more dangerous than cancer. It attacks your respiratory system and within in few days, you felt weak, short of breathe and even unable to stand properly.

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