Lady got Burnt After Applying Hand Sanitizer While Cooking! Be Careful

Everyone in the world is currently going crazy for Hand Sanitizer, but we apply such things without reading the precautions at the back.

Most of the women usually cook meals at home, with the Covid-19 outbreak, the use of hand sanitizers has increased so much, everyone wants to sanitize their hands to keep themselves protected from the deadly coronavirus disease.

But there are some things that we need to keep in mind that the hand sanitizers we are using are medical things, hence have their own reactions to certain things.

Lady got severe burnt!

As per the latest news, some sources have said that a woman got severe third-degree burns after she went near the stove in her kitchen to prepare the meal, at that time she had sanitized her hands. Due to the alcohol, the fire catches her hands and gave her severe burns.

The lady is currently in hospital and is recovering from the injuries that she incurred during this unfortunate mishap.

Hand Sanitizer has Alcohol

This is to notice that hand sanitizers have a great amount of alcohol in it. That is the reason which medical science has given that the amount of alcohol in the sanitizer helps in keeping the germs away.

The doctors as per a famous medical website, WebMD, have informed the people to read the back of any medical supplies they use these days and take the precautionary measures.

Indeed, Hand Sanitizer is essential to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, but it is also important to see what can cause any person a reaction to anything that you are applying to your body.

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