Iranian Doctor Shirin Rouhani Rad Lost Her Life While Saving People from Coronavirus

The most disturbing and painful news on the social media today. A women and a sacrificing doctor embraced martyrdom to save her people from this deadly virus. A photo of this mother went viral on social media which show that is suffering from the virus, having a canola in her hand, still serving the nation with full courage, passion and dedication. Her face shows how satisfied she was with her job. She attained martyrdom.

This viral photo shows until last hours of her life she was visiting patients and tried to help, even when she was receiving intravenous infusion. She knew very well that her life is in danger but she continued until she embraced martyrdom. The doctors plays an important role to safe many lives. But knowing about the facts and figures on the diseases, if a few have the guts to carry on with their profession.

Everyone loves their lives and their families. Nobody wants to die like this. It is not an easy decision to put your life in danger when you had a family, waiting to meet you. Despite knowing the consequences, only a brave, courageous and strong people make this decision.

Dr. Shirin Rouhani Rad, female physician and general practitioner of Shohada Hospital in Pakdasht, lost her life from coronavirus.

This female physician was one of Pakdasht’s doctors who was taken to Masih Daneshvari Hospital in Tehran after her condition deteriorated. She died on the last day of the Iranian year serving her compatriots in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. (The state-run TV News Agency – March 19, 2020)

Iranian doctor Shirin Rouhani-Rad is a role model for our young generation. She sets an example of intense care, love and affection. She showed the upcoming generation how to deal with such a situation. She is a pride of Iran and Muslim Ummah. No doubt that she is martyr and She will always remains alive.

Now a days, many doctors, nurses and paramedical stuff in Iran are showing willingness to take care of these patient because they know that it can save their lives.  And Unfortunately, many of them are even getting affected with Coronavirus and getting killed.

For these people, who scared to die a death which is 100% times better than others!

Now or later, we all have to die. But if he die a death of martyr, it is far better for us. To die a martyr in the Islamic faith is one of the greatest honors. The rewards granted to the martyr are so sublime and are superior to the rewards for performing almost any other righteous act.

The martyr is given seven special favors and privileges from Allah. Once the first drop of his blood is shed, all of his sins are forgiven. Before he dies, the martyr can see the beauty of his palace in Paradise. The martyr will not be tested in the grave, nor will he be punished in the grave. The martyr will not feel fear on the Day of Judgment.

A crown of honor will be placed on his head, which has jewels that could illuminate the Earth from their brilliance. The martyr will marry the most beautiful women of Paradise. The martyr will be able to intercede for seventy members of his family, who can be rescued from the punishment of the Hellfire and will enter Paradise in honor of the martyr.

It is no wonder that we read in the Islamic literature that to die a martyr is the dream of many righteous men and women in Islam, who aspire to the highest ranks in Paradise.There are so many ways that a believing Muslim can be granted the honor of dying a martyr.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said,“He who truthfully asks Allah for martyrdom, Allah will raise him to the high status of the martyrs, even if he dies on his bed.” (Sahih Muslim)

From among the martyrs are the one who dies of plague, the one who dies of a stomach disease, the one who dies of a fire, and the one who drowns. Scholars have classified cancer as one of the diseases in which its victim dies a martyr.

The one who is crushed under a collapsing building and dies is a martyr. The patience and suffering that one endures through the diseases mentioned above or the calamities as fire or drowning or being crushed under the rubble makes these believing Muslims deserving of the honor of martyrdom.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,“He who is killed in the way of Allah is a martyr; he who dies of plague is a martyr; a woman who dies due to pregnancy and a woman who dies during delivery, her baby will drag her into Paradise with the umbilical cord.” (Musnad Ahmad)

If you were to die defending your family from an attacker, defending your wealth from an armed robber, or defending yourself from an assailant, you would die a martyr.

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