Hajj May Get Cancelled This Year Due to Coronavirus, Says Saudi Arabian Authorities

The saddest news of the year has arrived. Unfortunately there are hardly three months left in Hajj but corona virus is killing people rapidly. The government of Saudi Arabia has announced that if the condition did not get better then they have no choice left except to cancel the Hajj. No company will offer tickets, hotels and stay at KSA.

The condition is getting worse by passage of every single second. People are losing their love ones. To avoid further damage, it is an important step taken by the government of Saudi Arabia. Indeed, it a very sad news for the Muslim world. There is no option left except to shut down everything. Already 16,000 people had lose their lives.

The safety comes first. We all know that on Hajj, there are more than 40 lacs people who gathered at a place at the same time. Allowing the pilgrims for hajj means giving full authority to corona virus to kill as much as you can. And it can lead to serious casualties.

In order to protect the Muslims world and keeping the security measures under consideration, it is a much needed thing because we cannot lose our Muslims brother and sisters. We are already losing our Iranian brothers and sisters. It is a tough time as we Muslim did not want these things to happen. We all want to pray in the Masjid and we all wants to go for the Umrah and Hajj but the condition is not allowing us to do that.

We have to follow these decision because it’s for our own safety. In the hours of need, every Muslims should try to help the poor and needy people. It is more important right now than hajj.  There are many people who are dying due to hunger and poverty. So, it is the time to look around ourself and try to feed the hungry ones. It is a time to repent and to seek forgive from the Lord.

Ups and downs are the part of life. We have to face this condition. Those who think life should be straight like an arrow and it should be calamity free, then must remember this world is a test for the next world.

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