American Coronavirus Patient Warns Youth about the Dangers of the Virus & Advised Them to Take Precautions

Coronavirus is everywhere now. And no country is safe at this point of time. And each of us is a potential victim of this deadly virus. With the advent and spread of virus, the rumours are also spreading rapidly. People are following local techniques to cure it. Hindus are drinking cow urine in India to fight it back and some Muslims are going to shrines to ask help in order to save themselves from Coronavirus.

Many Youtubers are also giving remedies to fight with it and certain Pastors are taking huge sum of money to pray from God. And no one is talking about precautions as it’s better than cure. In this post, we are going to share the experience of a Young Man Suffering from Coronavirus.  It’s a reminder for us and a guideline to fight it back or at least take certain measures to save ourselves.

“Here’s my story with coronavirus, especially for young people who think this virus isn’t dangerous. .😷🤒🤕

I started feeling chills and my body felt weak on March 8th, I thought it is a normal cold/flu that will heal soon.

It started hitting me when I was on the bus from DC to NYC. High temperature, severe chills, sweating, body aches, terrible headache, I stayed home for 5 days and continued to monitor my symptoms thinking that it maybe just a bad flu.

After the fifth day I went to urgent care because my symptoms has been getting worse, by the time the doctor started running some tests I fainted and they called the ambulance 🚑, after they transferred me to mount Sinai. From the moment I got there I was kept in an isolated room by myself, they definitely didn’t know what to do. They ran some tests on me every 4 hours, with no information or telling me what I have or what’s wrong with me, I was shaking and felt like I was dying with only IVs in my arm. After they took some blood and swapped my nose for covid-19 test I waited again until 4 am in the morning, I got discharged and sent home after 12 hours in the ER and instructed to only take Tylenol.


the hospitals and USA is completely unprepared for this, I don’t recommend relying on hospitals or the healthcare system.

After 4 days I got my test result back that I am positive. I still have the same symptoms with no progress, but I started developing pneumonia and can’t breathe normally because there is NO cure, it was followed by coughing blood, now I have no fever but I still can’t breathe normally, apparently the virus has spread into my lungs.


I am still not cured or healed from covid-19 and I will be going to the emergency room again for my developed pneumonia..

( doctors and everyone in the ER have no idea how to deal with this virus, they are only depending on your body to fight it) .

PLEASE SHARE so more people know that this isn’t something small we are dealing with, be responsible and stay home. I don’t want anyone to go through what I am going through now. Stay safe ❤”

We ask Allah to save us from the deadly Coronavirus and end this Coronavirus.

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