After Coronavirus, Large Earthquake Hits Zagreb, Croatia Causing One Death & Severe Damages to the Buildings

When the world is combating Coronavirus and almost all countries of the world are locked down, a saddening and disheartening news comes from Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia where an earthquake of 5.4 magnitude has hit the country causing a great deal of damages along with killing a 15-year-old.

The earthquake has also affected the neighbouring nations such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria. The earthquake’s epicentre was 9 km north of Zagreb, below 10km of the surface. Electricity and Internet has temporarily been cut off. The debris of the collapsed building are everywhere on the streets.

The quake occurred just before 6:30 am on Sunday morning when almost whole city was asleep. As soon as they felt the tremor they started running out of the buildings. It has injured around a dozen people and a cathedral of the city is significantly damaged. The cars parked at the street bore the brunt and a huge number of cars have been destroyed in the earthquake. The earthquake was followed by another strong wave which hit the nation at 7 am.

This is a crucial time for the tiny European nation as Covid-19 is also widespread in Europe. The Interior Ministry has advised people to stay outside but should maintain a healthy distance between each other.


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