Pakistani Son Donated His Liver to Save His Mother’s Life! Kudoos to Him.

With advancement in technology and modernization, humanity is on constant degradation. Islam instructs Muslims to keep humanity first and everything else after.

The ties of kinship are being severed each day and it no longer intrigues us when we see parents living in shelter homes. But lucky are those who have their parents alive and they serve them happily.

This is a story of a young Muslim student who donated his liver to save his mother’s life. The boy named Aziz Raisani, proved true to his upbringing and made it exemplary to others’ sons.

Aziz, a student at Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences donated his liver while his mother was on the verge of death.

The operation went very well and successful. Her mother is recovering very fast and she is out of danger while Aziz is also fine.

Allah put humans on trial with problems, diseases to check their faith and his steady pledge. Humans are required to stand firm and face the problem like the way Aziz did.

May Allah bless both of them and keep them safe. Aameen


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