Muslim Doctor Risked his life to save Chinese affected with Coronavirus

Whenever a nation suffered from disasters and calamities , the Muslims always stood firmly with that nation instead of leaving to suffer. A Pakistani doctor named Usman Janjua has won the hearts of millions of Chinese after he decided to offer his services to help the country fighting against the coronavirus. Till now, Coronavirus has killed more than 1000 people and infected more than 38,000.

In an interview with Chinese media, Dr. Usman Janjua said: “China is like a second home for me as I completed my education from here. My heart beats with my Chinese brothers. If I can offer my services in Wuhan in this difficult hour, it would be a moment of pride for me and my country, Pakistan,”This young doctor know that his life can be in danger if he would remain in China as this virus is deadly. But without caring for his life, he come forward to help and support Chinese people.

His act of kind make us proud as Muslims. At a crucial stage when everyone was running away from China to save his life from the Coronavirus epedemic, Usman decided to treat the patient without caring about his life.

Further Usman showed his love for the people of China, by calling China as his second beloved home.“We appreciate Dr. Muhammad Usman Janjua, a foreign Doctor to join the fight against coronavirus in China as a volunteer. He is a teacher from Changsha Medical University,China and hails from Deena, Jhelum, Pakistan,” the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan tweeted.

On the other hand, Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia showed their support to China to fight this dangerous epidemic. Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Russia extended condolences to China over the loss of lives caused by the deadly coronavirus in the country.Nowadays, corona virus has become a big issue for the world as it is spreading across the world rapidly. The condition is now getting out of control as Chinese have completely trapped in this epidemic.

The problem seemed to be started from the animal market situated in Wuhan city. The Netizens are blaming Chinese people for their bad eating habits. Recently, a video went viral on social media in which we can clearly see a women eating bat. But later the women apologize for sharing video and said that this video is not from China.

May Allah helps us to fight this epidemic and protect us from this virus!

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