German Man Embraced Islam Moments Before Dying in a Hospital

Death is an inevitable truth which no one can escape. Be it Muslim or Non-Muslim every soul shall taste death, but the actual and real life starts after death and Muslims have advantage over other humans in after life as they believed in Allah and practiced Islam.

In Islam if any Non-Muslim takes Shahada (the testimony of faith) his previous sins are wiped off and he starts afresh like a new born baby. There is a clear advantage of being Muslim for a Non-Muslim at any stage of life and gain the rewards of being Muslim.

This is the story of one such man who embraced Islam moments before dying and successfully saved himself from the hell fire made for Non-believers.

A 75 years-old German man’s video went viral after he reverted to Islam on his deathbed. In the very emotional video the old man can be seen reciting Shahada (AshHadu AlLaIlahaIlLallah, WaAshHadu Anna Muhammadan rasuluLlah; I bear testimony that there is no God beside Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger).

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As per the reports, the man was gravely ill when he decided to revert to Islam, he was ill for a very long time and he saw his time winding up when Allah guided him to his religion.

In the same emotional video, his Muslim son who reverted to Islam earlier helps him reciting the Shahada. After reciting the Shahada, both of them started crying and his son who was recording the video recited the Adhan (Muslim Call to Prayer) in his ears, like it is done to a new born baby.

The time and location of this video remains unknown but it has garnered thousands of views online with netizens praying for the old convert. Muslims all over the world applauded this video and termed it as the divine guidance of Allah which only a few people receives.


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