Brazilian Pilot Embraced Islam at the Height of 18,000ft in Saudi Arabia

Many people revert to Islam everyday making Islam as the fastest growing religion of this world. Islam is the true guidance and religion of only One true God, Allah. It is bound to dominate all the hemispheres of this globe and it is going to do so.

Recently a clip of a blonde, handsome pilot is going viral over the internet where he can be seen reciting Shahada in the cockpit of a flying plane. The Brazilian pilot embraced Islam at the altitude of 18,000ft making him one of the very few people who embraced Islam in the air as Khaleej Times reported.

The pilot can be seen sitting with a fellow Muslim co-pilot who was also recording this amazing Shahada. The Muslim pilot narrates in Arabic that they both are flying over the Tabouk region of Saudi Arabia.

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“My Brazilian co-pilot, Captain Amari will be giving the Shahada (testimony of faith)”, the Muslim co-pilot says in the video. Following which he recites the Shahada word by word and the Brazilian co-pilot solemnly repeats the Shahada while staring into the camera.

The clip concludes with the first pilot saying, “My brother in Islam”, to which the newly reverted Muslim pilot recites, “My brother in Islam” and the video ends with the Brazilian Muslim pilot smiling.

The video is entirely shot in the cockpit of a flying plane which was reportedly flying at the attitude of 18,000ft over the Tabouk region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Allah has guided the pilot to Islam at the hands of his colleague who was Muslim.

Had it not been the good behaviors of the Muslims, there would be very less Muslim convert. Before opening the pages of the Qur’an a disbeliever reads the attitude and behavior of a Muslim, so it is prime duty of every Muslim to attract Non-Muslims by their good behavior, moral and character.


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