Brave Muslim Driver Saved a Baby from House Fire in England

A brave Muslim delivery driver has risked his life to save a baby from house fire in England. The 26 year old delivery driver, Habeel Khan was on delivery duty when he saw smoke rising from a house. He immediately ran towards the house and asked if someone is there or everyone is out and safe. A woman with two young kids shouted that her baby was inside.

Habeel and the mother, both of them ran inside the burning house to save the 7-week-old. As both of them managed to enter the house, the mum picked up her baby from the room next to the kitchen from where the deadly fire broke out.

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Both of them managed to run out with little or no injury. Habeel stayed with the family till the firefighters and paramedics arrived after which he proceeded with his delivery work.

The heroic and life betting act immediately caught attention and people praised Habeel for his heroic endeavor. “I didn’t really think anything of it. I just thought I’d helped out, and had done a little good deed.” Habeel said when asked about how he feels after saving a life.

He further added, “I don’t think I have done anything heroic at all to be honest. Thankfully everyone was Ok in the end and the family is back in the house. As a human being and a Muslim it is my duty to help those who are in need. My faith teaches me that.”

Habeel Khan, was named Colleagues’ ‘Colleague of the Year’ at ‘Being Asda Awards. He was praised by social media as well as his colleagues who hailed him as a hero.

“Habeel is just great, he made us proud, He is our hero” said one of his colleagues. Many social media users also called him hero and pointed that immigrant are useful assets not liabilities, they earn and they help others unlike those who are sitting at home and spilling hate against the immigrating population.


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