92 Year Old Belgian Lady Embraced Islam after Being Inspired by Her Muslim Neighbor

Georgette Lepaulle is an old woman from Belgium and she is 92 years old. Last year she accepted Islam after being inspired by her Muslim neighbour.

Muhammad has been her neighbor for the last 50 years. After her family passed away, She joined Muhammad’s wife and her family and started living with them. Muhammad and his wife have a son and two daughters who lived with Georgette all along her life.

Muhammad lost his mother but gladly found her new mother in the face of Georgette. Georgette says she got attracted towards Islam, seeing them praying together inspired her to explore Islam. It was good to see how they talk to each other and care about each other. Georgette said she has her own daughter, who never calls her or sees her but this Muslim family takes care of her all the time.

Georgette visited Morroco with the family of Muhammad during the month of Ramadan. She saw many people fasting and caring for each other, She was shocked to realize that she found Islam so late in life but she is thankful that she found it in her lifetime.

She traveled back with Muhammad and family to the Brussels Mosque where she accepted Islam and changed her name to Noor Islam.

Georgette, now Noor Islam, set an example that it is never too late to come to Islam and be a good Muslim.


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