60 Muslim Couples got Married in Europe’s Largest Mass Islamic Wedding Ceremony

Europe witnessed the largest Islamic mass wedding in Bosnia & Herzegovina where around 60 couples tied knot with each other. The mass wedding ceremony was held at Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The event was organized by the Islamic community of Bosnia & Herzegovina with the support of a local NGO, MFS-EMMAUS and the whole event was sponsored by United Arab Emirates.

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The brides and grooms in their wedding outfits were looking very handsome and beautiful and the whole atmosphere was filled with the Qur’anic recitation. Each couples received tailored outfits and cash gift of $300. They were also gifted a copy of Qur’an through which they may seek guidance from Allah.

The objective of this mass wedding was to ease the financial burden for young couples to marry and to start a new family. Bosnia is one of the Balkan countries and a Muslim majority nation where poverty and unemployment is high.

Bosnian law only recognizes civil weddings, so the couples were already officially married in civil ceremonies prior to the Islamic ceremony.

The ceremony was organized according to Sharia law, the rules governing the practice of Islam, such as requiring women to wear head scarves covering their hair in public.

“It is really important for us because we are practicing religion and we think that this act of religious wedding makes us husband and wife in front of God,” a bride named Meliha told.

“In Islam, it is really important that a person is clean in front of God. It is the most important thing a person can do and we couldn’t wait for this. I am nervous, I don’t know…. I have strong feelings, emotions,” a groom named Edo said.

Unemployment Rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina averaged 41.47 percent from 2007 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 46.10 percent in February of 2013 and a record low of 32.57 percent in November of 2019.

An imam at the Istiqlal (Independence) Mosque said the mass wedding was meant to encourage young Bosnians to start families by helping them avoid the high costs of getting married.

Youths are not getting proper employment and thereby their marriage is being delayed which in return will drop the fertility rate of the nation. It was very necessary to organize such events to promote marriage in the country and help the youths to start a new family.


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