I am a Christian and I love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Dr Craig Considine, Christian Scholar

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) was sent to humanity as the Messenger of Allah. No doubt he delivered his message and went for heavenly abode and made billions of followers as Muslims.

There have been some people from other faiths who have conducted studies on Prophet (Peace be upon Him) and concluded that He is a true Messenger and no man has been perfect as He is. They eventually reverted to Islam and died as a Muslim.

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Dr Craig Considine is one such scholar whose constant research on Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) brought him to a point where he openly confess his love towards Prophet. A man of wisdom has no other ending besides Islam, We pray Allah to grant Dr Craig hidayah.

Dr Craig is a Catholic American of Irish-Italian descent from Massachusetts, USA. He is a sociologist and a Professor at Department of Sociology, Rice University Houston, Texas.

He holds a PhD from Trinity College (University of Dublin), Msc from Royal Holloway (University of London), BA from American University, Washington DC.

He is a leading scholar on Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) of contemporary times. His immense love for Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) can be seen in his social media posts where he highlights blessed Seerah of Prophet (Peace be upon Him).

Dr Considine’s deep respect towards Prophet and his dedication to bring out the life of Prophet (Peace be upon Him) to the ignorant American population is widely praised by Muslims globally.

While attending an Islamic Conclave at USA, Dr Considine highlighted the qualities of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) which barely anyone ever possessed. He informed the audience about the pluralistic approach of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) rather than just being tolerant. He confessed his love towards Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and praised His behavior towards Christians of those times.

He encouraged audience to do a research on Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)’s covenant to Christians. Subtly adding pluralism to American identity he urged peaceful people to come ahead and fight extremism.

Dr Craig Considine is such a nice soul that even the knowledge & love of some Muslims’ towards Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) fails in front of a Christian like him.

May Allah guide him to Islam.

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